Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mum and Veet

Well..., here broke a day when the children dozed off to sleep that I thought I might take the time to do my legs really I slathered on the delapidator on both legs and sat in an empty bath while I surfed the net on my fone...the box said that the veet should stay on for 5 minutes or elongated to 10 minutes BUT NO FURTHER....Weeellll I was safe. After a good five minutes had passed, I settled in for the remaining 5. At 7 and a half minutes, the little one started crying...! So I called from the bathroom...'don't worry baby Mummy's coming' hoping that would settle her, but no, no it did not.

Hoping that she didn't wake up big brother I ran to her side and started patting her chest so that she would go back to sleep...she stopped crying but she definitely was NOT going back to sleep...and it was going for a good 13 minutes for my legs...I wondered what on earth was going to happen if according to the WAS left for more that 10 minutes, it was at that point that my legs started BURNING!

Anyway...she settled I jumped in the bath, grabbed the scraper thing and frantically scrapped off one leg,
ran back to baby, ran back to bath to scrape off other leg,
ran back to baby, ran back to bath to run scathingly hot water over my legs and into the bath,
ran back to baby, jump in the bath and soap my legs, SQUIRM in agony as the soap seeps into all the cuts and scrapes on my legs from the frantick-ness of it all...rinse, towel dry and

Picked baby up: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Big brothert toddler still FAST ASLEEP.

I do still have my legs and they are working juuuusssst fine. Whether the dilapidator worked...who knows?

Monday, 7 November 2011

Learning New things

Well, a new day is always a clean breath of fresh air and getting down to what has to be done in my day...

Today I am so astounded by the words that our toddler is eloquently, I dare say myself, vocalising, if there is such a word?

He has managed to master English concepts so quickly, I sometimes wonder who has secretly been teaching him grammatical and literary concepts behind my back. The rogue, probably hubby, but we shall let that lie a little and stew...

One such incident was when his dear Daddy bought some thing delicious for the two of them and he said: 'Did Daddy buy one for two of us?' And after tilting is head for just a breath of a second, this little three year old corrected himself and said: '...for each of us..'?

WOOOOWWEEEE. My jaw nearly dropped and then couldn't because the suppressed giggle surfaced full force and I was like...'Stop the Truck!...'did you hear what my baby said?' With only Hubby in the room, it was highly doubtful that he didn't but I was still like...'STOP THE TRUCK PEOPLE....MY BABY SAID 'EACH...!''

These moments come so fast and so furiously that as I sit here writing them down I can only just barely remember the sequence of thing I do remember though is that I was the MOST EXCITED one of see I love English and it is one of my hobbies, as such, if you can call it that, so for me it was like our little boy was just capturing Mummy's heart every time he said something really special like that.

Another such moment came when I accidently turned a page of his storybook a little too roughly and I almost tore the bottom of the page...and he said quite reprovingly...'Be careful Mummy, you are going to RUIN it.' And I was like...'PEOPLE! STOP THE TRUCK....! MY BABY SAID RUUUUIIIIINNNNN'

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A New Day...

Well...every day is such a blessing, every day is a new day with new opportunities to give thanks to the Lord. We had a blackout since 12 midnight until about 17h30 and it was a loooong day, from not being able to make bottles for the baba and then empty promises from the council that the electricity would be up and running soon, it was really trying...but I realised today from a new stand point after our loss...that even for small things like turning on a light switch or boiling water we should ALWAYS give thanks...there is so much to be grateful for even during the times when you feel so sad.
There was a point when it felt as if I was on autopilot, I did not really have any words and that is something in itself, because those that know me know that once I get close to someone I CAN TALK...but for a while I was sort of dumbfounded and to an extend I still feel it but one thing I know for sure...

The Word of God never fails.
His Blood never fails.
His Love never fails.
His plans never fail.
Thats all I know. And I have so many questions but I still believe...God never fails.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Devastating loss

I have not been able to post anything for a while as we had a tragic loss in our family. My sister-in-law died in a horrific car crash and we had been travelling and very busy with the kids and the arrangements and as you an imagine the emotional upheaval of the whole situation with the loss, the circumstances and so on it was just a really trying time, but the Lord Jesus who is so faithful kept His promises and we travelled safely and we are all still standing. Some-one once told me that is is actually good when you hit rock-bottom...because it is then when you feel the Rock.

It is so true...

She was a lady with many talents for those of the readers that did not know her...a teacher, and a wonderful personality. She had a smile for every child and a sparkling demeanour. She was the kind of person that when she entered the room all  eyes were on her and she could sing... I really loved this lady. She had, as do we all, her faults but I would really like to remember all the good things about her and what she taught me as a Sunday School teacher, a sister and a friend. She will sorely be missed by her family and friends.

She is now sitting with the King of Kings

She is feasting at His table and

She is worshiping with the choirs of angels.

Rest in Peace Louise Delphine Roberts my sister, teacher and friend. Till we meet again...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The beginning of it all...

There have been times while our son was growing up that moments would come and go when I just wished I could freeze time and engrave those memories onto my brain, so the next best, and less painful, idea was to rather write them down so that I would not forget them or what he had said or did exactly as it unfolded and look back on them one day and remember just how I had felt at that particular moment. Well those opportunities passed as did those memorable times and I DID NOT take the time to jot them down as they go by so fast.

This blogging idea might just be a way for me to remember those tidbits in time as well as give me the opportunity to write down these particular essays that I had formulated in my brain but never took the time to put pen to paper and here I am trying to make sure I do.

I hope to emphatically, whole-heartedly and categorically state that these moments jotted down are to give the glory to God who has helped me to make it through each day, to wake up every morning knowing that today will be a better day and by His power our children will be raised up as Godly men and women.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Nappies made me mushy...!

‘Well...’ I thought, ‘another one bites the dust’, as I tossed yet another dirty nappy into the bin. Having a three year old toddler and a three month old baby, I can say, as any decent parent can, that I have seen nappies! I bet, having never been to design school or wherever one goes to qualify to design nappies, that I could successfully describe the perfect nappy. My resume would simply be an equation, that is, take the number of nappies a child would go through by the time he reaches say three years old, so that’s about five for the day and say three, for good measure, for the night and times that by 365 days, and times that by three, for the years, and you’d end up with what any self respecting parent would go through for one child. That is close to nine thousand nappies people!

So, yes, I have seen a fair share of nappies! Now, may I vent my extremely active imagination and volunteer my services as a hypothetical nappy designer, that I secretly think all mums eventually become, and may I describe to the mums-to be the perfect nappy design that I have stored in the recesses of my brain as we have switched nappy brands and experimented with different sizes and fits over these years.

May I now subject you to a few of the attributes of ‘my’ perfect terms of design, let’s talk about the revolutionary ‘elasticised waistband’. I knew nothing of this ground-breaking technology until we switched our regular brand of nappies for another well-known brand, for the simple reason that we could not find the right size at that particular and urgent time, not wanting to be without a back-up plan until the morning, we bought the pack and I went to sleep peacefully knowing that we would not run out in the middle of the night. Anyway...well into the early hours of the morning we checked to make sure that he wasn’t too uncomfortable in a wet nappy only to find out that the nappy was not too damp at all, in fact, in terms of absorbency, it seemed to have done the trick! I was thrilled! It not only was super-duper absorbent but I couldn’t even feel that it was wet, Wowee!! My happiness was, however, short-lived, because when the nappy came off it suddenly dawned on us that not only was the bed wet but his entire back was damp...the nappy had completely missed the mark. Why? Do I hear you ask...ELASTICISED WAIST-BANDS! Our regular brand, on clear inspection, showed a small gathering in the small of the baby’s back made with elastic and the new brand did not have that. What it does is it makes the nappy fit more snugly that there is much less of a chance of leakage when sleeping, or any other stance within a 360 degree radius that our toddler finds himself in, somersaulting and the like. First point people: elasticised waistbands!

Next I would say...the fit. What with all the different straps we encountered which entailed a severe inspection of straps...we found that there are broad straps and thin straps. Short straps and long straps. Sticky straps and grippy straps. Yes, Ma’am, there is an assortment! Who’d have thunk it. We eventually figured out that the perfect strappy fit makes for the best nappy and almost nil leakage.

And so the list grows of what I could tell nappy designers the world over should they somehow hear that an ‘expert’ is lying in wait to pounce should they ever want advice or an opinion or even a diagram  of the perfect nappy...colour, graphics, and packaging are all sooooo irrelevant to this no-nonsense mum. All I ask is that a nappy should do what a nappy should do and that is...make my life alot easier...please!

I dare say, that after reading all this one might ask, ‘why one would put themselves through all this voluntary and continuous work?’ For the simple reason that... I absolutely love it! I really do and appreciation does come though I never actually gave it much thought, in that, one day, after changing my toddlers nappy for the umpteenth time, as we have previously established, when he skipped off, he paused mid-skip to toss over his shoulder, for the first time among many, ‘Thanks Mummy, for putting on a clean nappy for me...’, and off he went leaving a mushy mess of a mum in his blissful wake.