Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mum and Veet

Well..., here broke a day when the children dozed off to sleep that I thought I might take the time to do my legs really I slathered on the delapidator on both legs and sat in an empty bath while I surfed the net on my fone...the box said that the veet should stay on for 5 minutes or elongated to 10 minutes BUT NO FURTHER....Weeellll I was safe. After a good five minutes had passed, I settled in for the remaining 5. At 7 and a half minutes, the little one started crying...! So I called from the bathroom...'don't worry baby Mummy's coming' hoping that would settle her, but no, no it did not.

Hoping that she didn't wake up big brother I ran to her side and started patting her chest so that she would go back to sleep...she stopped crying but she definitely was NOT going back to sleep...and it was going for a good 13 minutes for my legs...I wondered what on earth was going to happen if according to the WAS left for more that 10 minutes, it was at that point that my legs started BURNING!

Anyway...she settled I jumped in the bath, grabbed the scraper thing and frantically scrapped off one leg,
ran back to baby, ran back to bath to scrape off other leg,
ran back to baby, ran back to bath to run scathingly hot water over my legs and into the bath,
ran back to baby, jump in the bath and soap my legs, SQUIRM in agony as the soap seeps into all the cuts and scrapes on my legs from the frantick-ness of it all...rinse, towel dry and

Picked baby up: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Big brothert toddler still FAST ASLEEP.

I do still have my legs and they are working juuuusssst fine. Whether the dilapidator worked...who knows?

Monday, 7 November 2011

Learning New things

Well, a new day is always a clean breath of fresh air and getting down to what has to be done in my day...

Today I am so astounded by the words that our toddler is eloquently, I dare say myself, vocalising, if there is such a word?

He has managed to master English concepts so quickly, I sometimes wonder who has secretly been teaching him grammatical and literary concepts behind my back. The rogue, probably hubby, but we shall let that lie a little and stew...

One such incident was when his dear Daddy bought some thing delicious for the two of them and he said: 'Did Daddy buy one for two of us?' And after tilting is head for just a breath of a second, this little three year old corrected himself and said: '...for each of us..'?

WOOOOWWEEEE. My jaw nearly dropped and then couldn't because the suppressed giggle surfaced full force and I was like...'Stop the Truck!...'did you hear what my baby said?' With only Hubby in the room, it was highly doubtful that he didn't but I was still like...'STOP THE TRUCK PEOPLE....MY BABY SAID 'EACH...!''

These moments come so fast and so furiously that as I sit here writing them down I can only just barely remember the sequence of thing I do remember though is that I was the MOST EXCITED one of see I love English and it is one of my hobbies, as such, if you can call it that, so for me it was like our little boy was just capturing Mummy's heart every time he said something really special like that.

Another such moment came when I accidently turned a page of his storybook a little too roughly and I almost tore the bottom of the page...and he said quite reprovingly...'Be careful Mummy, you are going to RUIN it.' And I was like...'PEOPLE! STOP THE TRUCK....! MY BABY SAID RUUUUIIIIINNNNN'