Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The beginning of it all...

There have been times while our son was growing up that moments would come and go when I just wished I could freeze time and engrave those memories onto my brain, so the next best, and less painful, idea was to rather write them down so that I would not forget them or what he had said or did exactly as it unfolded and look back on them one day and remember just how I had felt at that particular moment. Well those opportunities passed as did those memorable times and I DID NOT take the time to jot them down as they go by so fast.

This blogging idea might just be a way for me to remember those tidbits in time as well as give me the opportunity to write down these particular essays that I had formulated in my brain but never took the time to put pen to paper and here I am trying to make sure I do.

I hope to emphatically, whole-heartedly and categorically state that these moments jotted down are to give the glory to God who has helped me to make it through each day, to wake up every morning knowing that today will be a better day and by His power our children will be raised up as Godly men and women.

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